We rejoice in the truth that we all get to participate in the body of Christ by using the gifts and talents we each have been given.  Everyone has the ability to make a difference.  Conexión gladly welcomes churches or groups outside of Costa Rica to work alongside us and serve with our partnerships in local churches and schools.

Your short term experience can be designed by Conexión or by your team. In other words, we can offer you various service opportunities to choose from, or you can let us know a project that you have in mind. We are glad to work with you to see how your ideas can help meet the needs of our partners.

Perhaps you have a group of talented musicians who would like to teach a music workshop. Or maybe you have a team who would love to teach Vacation Bible School. You might even be a skilled physician or know a group of doctors who would like to offer your services in rural communities. Share with us your vision, and we will explore how we can partner together.

A short term trip includes various aspects such as budget for food, transportation, and lodging. We will help you work out this budget based on the size of your group and the location and scope of the service project.

Come enjoy working alongside us!