In 1993 we arrived to Costa Rica as missionaries coming from Colombia to work in various churches, organizations and in social projects. Over a period of 10 years, our work began to focus in mobilizing the local church into the streets, reclaiming the importance of intentional evangelism being that our testimony of life is more action, less words. Our evangelism to others would speak through our actions.

In 2003, after taking a year to thoroughly search God and his direction for following the next step and level in which He would have for ministry, we proceeded forward with the name of Conexion Extreme Service. As the Lord lead, we then stood firm with the objective to impact lives through service and the message of God’s love through action. It’s always a huge challenge to preach with words but an even greater challenge to preach through the way we live.

At the beginning, we were 10 people dreaming of doing relevant, basic and transforming things with great passion but without support and absolutely no budget. Within 6 months and only a few projects, we realized the reality that the Conexion ministry would be difficult to sustain without financial support or a budget.  We then became two people, my nephew and co-worker Jhonny Granados (Co-Founder) and myself ready to press forward in the calling  as missionaries in Costa Rica

Our objectives have never changed, but simply have always been to present the message of God in a real life way – gaining credibility before communities and seeking to benefit all needs. The discouragement and the lack of support tried to finish our dream, but God always renews the forces to go ahead. For months we (Jhonny and I) were working alone, both of us with the support of our relatives and some friends. After 18 months of operation and without realizing it, God was always bringing new volunteers committed to his mission and opened new doors for the development of projects.

Today, 14 years later and with more than 900 projects completed, we have a united staff with a deep, fervent desire to be the hands and feet of God in this field of work to which we were called. It has been an extremely difficult road, but we would never change it for anything.

Change the world … something very ambitious.

Change the world of one person at a time … Something that only God does through our daily work