Conexion is a great team to be led by and to work alongside. I was able to serve with a short-term mission team led by Conexion for a week in the spring of 2016 and was able to return that summer for two months to serve as an intern and help direct week long trips. Jherson Acevedo and the whole team have formed relationships with schools and pastors all over Costa Rica and do an excellent job of partnering with teams from the US with work well suited for them in Costa Rica. The Conexion team does a great job of making sure anyone who comes to serve is able to have the greatest impact they can have. Conexion also does a great job of making sure work is not all that you see, but that you serve to the best of your ability and also leave having experienced a little bit of Costa Rica. All the members of the team are great and I couldn’t imagine a more joyful-spirited group of individuals to serve alongside.

Hudson Quesada – Summer Intern 2016