A weekend expedition is a full-weekend ministry event from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon where the Conexion Ministry and its volunteers partner with you and your church in providing an array of services and outreach activities. Our mission is to come alongside you, as we actively be the church together in a way that meets needs in the local community as well as within your church congregation.

When Conexion partners with you for an expedition, our staff of passionate volunteers with various skills and experience travel to your church and share in seven specific areas of ministry outreach with your community.

  1. Free Medical Care – Consultation, General Medicine, Pediatric and Pharmacy
  2. Bible Workshop – In-depth discovery for 8 hours
  3. Health and Nutrition Workshop/Appointments
  4. Youth Program – Bible lesson, activities, games and discussion
  5. Kid’s Club – Games, crafts, Christ-centered Lessons, activities
  6. Worship Concert – Conexion Band
  7. Movie and Popcorn – Christian movie with homemade popcorn

In addition to our medical care, we also provide dental cleanings and eye exams at a discounted rate. Both a dentist and optometrist travel with us.

As it is our passion and mission to serve others and to help meet needs, we bring all of our equipment with us, so that is something you don’t have to worry with. In our partnership together, we encourage you to invite your church members to work alongside us as we serve you and serve your community.


Here are just a few things Conexion requires from the local church:

  • Commitment and interest in the development of the event.

Prayer, advertising, preparation and willingness of it’s members to participate in the event

  •  To prepare the spaces/areas where the activities will take place.

Some of our representatives will visit the area beforehand and indicate the best spaces or needed preparation.

  • Provide food and lodging

Basic meals (no special requirements) and place for sleeping.