We believe in growing generations, therefore Conexion chooses to make positive investments in the youth of today for a better and successful future.

One of the ways we invest in the next generation is partnering with many schools to provide Convivencias for sixth grade students and older.

A “Convivencia” is a day-retreat filled with a combination of teamwork activities, workshops with positive and challenging messages, games, personal reflection and a time of fun with classmates.

The Conexion staff and its volunteers plan, lead and execute all the activities for the day. If desired, we can coordinate our activities with a specific planned theme and message to be communicated to your group.

Generally, these types of events are held outside of the typical school setting with the idea that students can mentally withdraw from the classroom and engage in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Parents and teachers are welcome to participate and assist Conexion by encouraging students to attend, write them an inspiring note and even ask them open-ended questions that create an avenue for them to express themselves.




**While Conexion stresses each child’s participation, we welcome continued teacher facilitation in monitoring student conduct.